Friday, March 5, 2010

March 5th, 2010

Hello everyone today is now Friday March 5th,, and things at home are going okay, Yesterday i ended up back in the hospital, i was having a bad cough and coughing up blood and i was wheezing and couldn't breathe that great. So i went to the local ER in Provo and sure enough something was wrong I now have Pneumonia so they pumped me full of IV anit biotics and sent me home with an xponex inhaler and some Z-Pak antibiotics. So hopefully i can get over this crap. I cant believe it i havent even been home a week and i am already sick again it really sucks but at least i caught it while it was still small, I wish that the weather down here would just be warm and it would quit snowing. It sucks cause i cant really go anywhere cause i have Pheumonia. But beside that i have been doing very good.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

March 3rd, 2010

I know it has been a while since i wrote last,, I have been so busy. But i got outta of the hospial on Monday March, 1st 2010. I am doing well, except i have a little bit of a cough nothing too serious im pretty sure it is just asmtha acting up again, because i am out of my inhaler. So the plan from here on out is: Tomorrow i have to go to Utah Valley Hospital and draw some labs for the Cardiology team up at Primary Childrens, then after tomorrow i can just relax for the weekend. But next week i have to go back up to SLC to for a clinic visit, and to get my next dose of my IVIG Med, which is the med that they put me on to try to break down my Anti-Bodies, Because they are now 95% which means that if they do find me a heart then i will reject 95% of them, and only accept 5%. That is why my Journey is so hard. But i just thought that i should write and update everyone on my Condition. I miss my friends Janita && Dan i havent talked to them for awhile, so i hope that they will read this and get back to me. Please keep me in your Prayers.
Thank you,

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sunday Feburary, 28th, 2010

So today is now Sunday the 28th, The last day of this month. Wow i was here for the whole month of FEB. Well today the doctor came and said that my numbers are decreasing and im doing really good. My weight is down as well, So he went out and called Doctor Everitt she said that she wants to see me tomorrow and then i can get my picc line out, and go home!!!!! YAY!! im so excited to go home. My dad is on his way up from home i have really missed him, my mom has been gone since Friday. My step brother and his girlfriend are supposed to come today but who knows. I hope all goes well till tomorrow i feel so good, i dont think i have felt this great for a long time. Janita Bartholomew came by today she brought me some real food, like out of the hospital food, and some snacks. She is so nice i really do appreciate her and hubsand and everything they have done for me to make my hospital stay better, they gave me two blankets and both of their cell phone numbers. So hopefully we can keep in contact. My fiancee is still with me of course, he never leaves my side. I hope that i stay good over the next 24 hours. Please keep me in your prayers.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Saturday Feburary, 27th, 2010

Today is now saturday im still in the hospital my friends across the hall got to go home so i hope that it is my turn soon,, i went and seen baby Mason he is so adorable he kept smiling at me i really wish them the best of luck, hope everyone will keep them in their prayers. So Dr. King came and today and told me that i am doing alot bettter then i was yesterday, he told me that they may start me on a new med. But he is not for sure. I also met a Mom of a CHD child the other day,, When i got moved up to the 3rd floor she and lucas was right next me, and Dan, Janita and Mason right across the hall from me. The resident doctor told me that i should be able to go home by monday depending on how i am doing. i had a nervous breakdown the other day, thats what happens when your in the hospital for 3 weeks and 2 days it takes a toll on my body. Luckily i had my mom and my fiancee here with me to comfort me, and one of my good friends Toni Sherwood from Rainbow Kids Pallitive Care here at Primary Childrens. Today is a chill day the nurses up here are alot better then the ones in ICU. I swear by the time i get outta here i will know everyone here, alot of people already do know me.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Friday, Feburary 26th

So i Finally got off the heart medication that they wanted me off,, and yesterday they said that i should be able to go home tomorrow little did i know what to come of today. I got moved outta ICU which is a great thing it is so hard being down there, just to see all of those cute little babies. So i am now on the 3rd floor in room 3082 which happens to be right across the hall from some great people i met last week, their son has just gotten a heart transplant so we talk alot which is always nice to have other heart famlies to talk to that actually understand what is like to be in my position. They are really nice people and im really glad that i met them, i hope that we keep in contact even outta the hospital. So today when the doctors came they talked to me a little bit and then they said that i have to be here over the whole weekend and mayber longer, Because my numbers arent looking to good with that milrone iv drug i have been on since i got here, i still have my pic line in. So that kinda really got me upset it sucks i have been here so long im sick of this place i understand that they are trying to make sure that i am completely better before i go home but it just sucks. Ksl 5 news radio station was here today at primary childrens so my fiancee and I saw it on tv and decided to go for a walk down there. Well we got down there we started talking to this lady that was part of the crew and we told her my story and so she went to talked to the guy in charge and sure enough they had me on the radio it was so cool, and in June they wanted me to be on the news.. It was kinda cool, my Mom went home today but my fiancee has been here right by my side about the whole time i think he has only went home once or twice for a day or two then he is always back up here. He is sweetest man a girl could ever ask for. Im so glad that he is all mine. This has been a long stay for all of us, its really hard to go threw something like this without some great support

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Thursday, Feburary 25th, 2010

I have been in the hospital since Feburary 4th, Everything is now finally coming together. When i first came in i was in pretty bad shape, i was carrying 8 or 9 pounds fluid on my liver which means i was in heart failure. Before i was admitted i was only supposed to be here for my clincal visit, and turned into me being admitted.