Saturday, February 27, 2010

Saturday Feburary, 27th, 2010

Today is now saturday im still in the hospital my friends across the hall got to go home so i hope that it is my turn soon,, i went and seen baby Mason he is so adorable he kept smiling at me i really wish them the best of luck, hope everyone will keep them in their prayers. So Dr. King came and today and told me that i am doing alot bettter then i was yesterday, he told me that they may start me on a new med. But he is not for sure. I also met a Mom of a CHD child the other day,, When i got moved up to the 3rd floor she and lucas was right next me, and Dan, Janita and Mason right across the hall from me. The resident doctor told me that i should be able to go home by monday depending on how i am doing. i had a nervous breakdown the other day, thats what happens when your in the hospital for 3 weeks and 2 days it takes a toll on my body. Luckily i had my mom and my fiancee here with me to comfort me, and one of my good friends Toni Sherwood from Rainbow Kids Pallitive Care here at Primary Childrens. Today is a chill day the nurses up here are alot better then the ones in ICU. I swear by the time i get outta here i will know everyone here, alot of people already do know me.

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