Wednesday, March 3, 2010

March 3rd, 2010

I know it has been a while since i wrote last,, I have been so busy. But i got outta of the hospial on Monday March, 1st 2010. I am doing well, except i have a little bit of a cough nothing too serious im pretty sure it is just asmtha acting up again, because i am out of my inhaler. So the plan from here on out is: Tomorrow i have to go to Utah Valley Hospital and draw some labs for the Cardiology team up at Primary Childrens, then after tomorrow i can just relax for the weekend. But next week i have to go back up to SLC to for a clinic visit, and to get my next dose of my IVIG Med, which is the med that they put me on to try to break down my Anti-Bodies, Because they are now 95% which means that if they do find me a heart then i will reject 95% of them, and only accept 5%. That is why my Journey is so hard. But i just thought that i should write and update everyone on my Condition. I miss my friends Janita && Dan i havent talked to them for awhile, so i hope that they will read this and get back to me. Please keep me in your Prayers.
Thank you,


  1. Wow, what a weekend, huh! I have been thinking about you. We moved a couple weeks ago and finally got internet yesterday... I'm glad you're home and I hope things are going well for you. We're going up to PCMC on Tuesday morning. I don't know when your appointments are, but if they coincide with that, let me know. I would love to see you!

  2. we are still watching your blog. we miss you too. you are more then welcome to call us anytime